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Anytime Pediatrics



Contact the office to learn more and find out if a telehealth appointment is right for you. 


This service is currently only available to our established patients.

To continue serving our patients with best care possible, we have started to implement telehealth appointments using Anytime Pediatrics. Anytime Pediatrics is a well-known telehealth platform that will allow for these appointments to be held securely. 

In general, many common complaints can be addressed via telehealth such as sick visits, ADHD follow-ups, medication rechecks, and parent conferences. 

  • To make a telehealth appointment you will need a computer equipped with a camera, smartphone, or tablet. If you are using a computer, you MUST use Google Chrome. The Anytime Pediatrics app is available for download from both the App Store and Google Play. 

  • To register from your computer visit If you are using a smartphone or tablet, our practice code is 0393. You will need this code to ensure you are registering with Bidabadi Pediatrics. 


Important Reminders:

  • You do not need to add your insurance information to the Anytime Pediatrics Platform. Choose “I do not have insurance” when registering to pass this step. Our office will be handling all billing associated with telehealth appointments. 

  • You will only need to create ONE account for your family. You may then add each of  your children as a patient to your family’s account.

  • If your child is 18+, they must create their own account.

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Click on the icon above for a tutorial on how to use Anytime Pediatrics

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Click on icon above on your child's first telemedicine visit on Anytime Pediatrics. 

Our Practice Code: 0393

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