Rules of the Jungle

Office Policies 

Dear Parents,


The business of providing insurance-based healthcare is complex and constantly changing. To ensure that our families are provided with the highest quality of care, we at Bidabadi Pediatrics ask for your cooperation with the following policies:




At Bidabadi Pediatrics we strive to provide the best medical care for our families. While we make every effort to provide prompt, on-time care; the individual needs of each patient may not always allow us to follow an exact schedule. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and patience in return. If you may have a concern or a problem arises, please do not hesitate to address our staff.  However, angry and/or foul language directed at the staff, no matter the issues involved, will NOT be tolerated. We pride ourselves on treating our families in a friendly, respectful, professional manner and we ask that our families maintain the same rapport with our staff. 




Bidabadi Pediatrics welcome new patients and families and look forward to providing your child with quality care. Since the new patient registration process can be a bit complex, we ask that our new patients pre-register through our patient portal or visit our website to print and complete the necessary registration forms for their initial visit. We also ask that all new patients bring their previous medical records, most importantly their vaccination records, with them to their appointment. It is vital that we have these records in our chart so we can ensure that your child is provided proper continuity of care.



At Bidabadi Pediatrics we full-heartedly believe in vaccinations. They protect our children from devastating diseases and future medical problems. We respect and understand that parents have concerns and questions regarding vaccines to which we will do our absolute best to educate our families to separate fact from fiction. With this in mind, we will work with parents to determine the best vaccine schedule for their children to assure their wellness. Regardless of the schedule determined, we encourage our patients to be fully vaccinated. If a family decides against vaccinating, then Bidabadi Pediatrics will not be a good fit. Our philosophy is founded in preventing illness and maintaining health, vaccines are a critical and vital part of this goal.  




Please notify our office in writing of any changes to your address, billing, and/or contact information. While these changes may be made through our patient portal, it is imperative for our office to have the most up-to-date information on record.




Our office will submit claims for insurance carriers with which we participate. At Bidabadi Pediatrics we are dedicated to offering quality and oftentimes beyond the standard of care to our patients. It is impossible for us to know what each individual patient’s insurance policy will cover. Therefore, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be familiar with your particular insurance plan benefits. Comprehensive physicals, immunizations, certain procedures, laboratory tests, and prescribed medications may not be covered. Prior authorizations may be completed at the discretion of Dr. Bidabadi. We, therefore, cannot guarantee that all services and therapies provided or recommended are covered by your insurance. We also CANNOT and WILL NOT change codes in order to modify insurance coverage as it is fraudulent and illegal. 


We will require proof of current insurance as well as a valid photo ID at check-in for EVERY visit. It is vital that you provide us with all the necessary information about your insurance at every visit to ensure proper billing for your child’s care. Since changes in insurance coverage are frequent, it is our policy to obtain a copy of your insurance card for the applicable insurance. Please be prepared to show your insurance card and valid photo ID at each visit. 



Copays are due at the time of service. We will submit all other charges accordingly to your insurance company. Those patients without proof of insurance or active coverage may be required to pay in full or will be asked to reschedule their appointments. If you choose to be seen you MUST pay in full at the time of service. A copy of your driver’s license will be taken. You will be given a copy of our charges as a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement purposes. 


Even though we will bill your insurance company, we are not responsible to negotiate a settlement for a disputed claim. Billing your insurance company does not always ensure payment by the insurance company nor does it release the responsible party from it’s financial obligation to our office for any unpaid balances. In the event of partial payment by the insurance company, the remaining balance will be due and you will receive a billing statement. Balances that exceed 120 DAYS may be sent to a collection agency unless other arrangements have been made. Should you require a payment plan, our office manager will be happy to discuss your options with you. 


Our goal is to make sure that as many patients as possible have access to care when needed. We also make every effort to provide prompt medical care to all of our patients. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment we ask that you notify the office in advance. We understand that appointments are not always able to be kept, however, a NO-SHOW is when a patient fails to keep a scheduled appointment without adequately notifying the staff. All no-show appointments will generate a standard no-show fee of $50. We understand life happens and conflicts may arise beyond your control and want to be understanding of special circumstances. In the event you have a special circumstance regarding your missed appointment, please contact our office.


If you are delayed and cannot make your appointment on time, please call to notify the office of your situation. Any significant delay (15 minutes or greater) will require your appointment to be rescheduled. We will try our best to accommodate you if our schedule allows. 


While we will try our best to accommodate WALK-IN appointments, please be aware that there are patients with scheduled appointments and you will be seen at the next available time slot. We strongly recommend that you make an appointment if your child needs to be seen. 




All phone messages for Dr. Bidabadi and his staff will be triaged and returned accordingly. Please be aware that Dr. Bidabadi is seeing patients throughout the day and will return messages left for him in terms of priority. More often than not, if your questions require extensive attention Dr. Bidabadi may elect to have you schedule an appointment for proper evaluation. 


In some cases, your child will be referred to a specialist for further evaluation and treatment. Many insurance companies will require you to obtain a referral in order to be seen by a specialist. It is your responsibility to find out and notify our office if your insurance plan will require a referral for a specialist appointment. Please allow us 48-72 HOURS to process your specialist referral. 



We are happy to complete all necessary medical forms that your child’s school and/or camp may require, however, with such a high volume of forms needing completion we ask that you allow us up to FIVE (5) business days to have the form signed and completed by the doctor. Kindly realize that filling out forms is never an emergency. In certain circumstances where you may need your forms sooner, we will do our best to expedite your request. Be advised that any forms needing completion within the same day will hold a $15 fee. Certain forms may require an appointment. For your convenience universal forms will be made accessible through our patient portal and on our website. 




All requests for medical records must be made in writing and signed by the patient, parent, or legal guardian. Please allow FIVE (5) business days for processing. For our patients who need to change their physician, we will provide you with your BASIC medical records free of charge. This includes the most recent physical exam, vaccination record, and growth charts. If you need more extensive records or require your ENTIRE medical record there is a $1 per page copy fee of up to $50 per child. An additional fee may be required for the mailing of records.  



All prescription and refill requests must be made by the patient.  We will not fill requests from pharmacies.  At Bidabadi Pediatrics, we pride ourselves on providing excellent care to our patients.  This means making a proper and accurate diagnosis prior to medicating.  Antibiotics will not be called in over the phone without the patient being seen in the office.  Based on the circumstances of the request, Dr. Bidabadi may want the patient to be seen to make sure the treatment is adequate and appropriate. 



We realize that children don’t only get sick during normal business hours. We will try our best to make sure sick children can be seen on the same day. There may be times that a patient is seen outside of normal business hours, i.e. after 5 pm, weekends, and holidays. There will be an associated fee billed to your insurance company for such visits and services. When an EMERGENCY arises after hours and you need to get in touch with our on-call service, you may call our office at 732-422-0393.